Ambreen Ghazi, is an aspiring young Mother, who spends her days passionately studying, educating and applying her passion to learn the latest tips on beauty, diet, health and jewelry. Since her early years Ambreen is as avid student of beauty,Jewelry and fashion; She practices what she preaches and keeps herself fit and active; Apart from overall health management she holds a degree as a dietitian with a Bachelors in Microbiology and certified in flower arrangement & home decor. She always wants to bring that creative side of hers which was somewhat overshadowed after being a homemaker and a mother early on. Now she writes as the lead editor for Prezerve, which makes her the total package to help you learn all the tricks and tips for your passions to Prezerve your beauty both inside and out. Keep up with all of her latest articles right here and email Ambreen, she is real quick to get back at you. Catch her on
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